Location and Contact

The EEG Lab is located in the Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience (CCBN) in room EP1151. The CCBN is the grey building on the North side of campus, across the street from the University (looks kinda like a Costco!). For questions about the schedule contact Dillon (dillon.hambrook@uleth.ca).

What to expect...

Notice that some time slots are two hours and some are one hour. In general, we allot time based on the average time it takes to complete the experiment with some extra time for setup and leeway. We always try our best to get people out a few minutes early. For most of our experiments, we will start by asking you to complete some pen-and-paper questions. The pen-and-paper questionnaire may ask for some personal information (your gambling history, for example). However, you’re not obligated to answer any questions that make you feel uncomfortable. From here the experimenter will explain the experiment, and you can can ask any questions you might have. The experiment may involve EEG, or it may just be behavioural measurements i.e., only requiring mouse clicks or keyboard presses. Most often you will be given practice before you begin the experiment, and the experimenter will always make sure you understand the task so you feel comfortable with the experiment.

In general, our EEG experiments take two hours. Our EEG system uses salt water to help conduct electricity from your scalp, which means your hair will get damp. Most people will have round dots on their foreheads from the electrodes, but these go away in about a half hour (think of what happens to your wrist if you wear a wristwatch). Wearing the EEG net can be uncomfortable for some people, but if it does bother you please let the experimenter know and he or she will accommodate you. It always helps to know that EEG is completely non-invasive, and recording EEG does not hurt or harm you. We always thoroughly sterilize each EEG net after use, and we also minimize the wear and tear on the nets to keep them in excellent shape. Therefore, we would ask that you avoid putting hair product in before participating in an EEG experiment. As well, facial makeup can stain the electrode sponges, so we ask that you avoid makeup as well. Thanks for participating!!!

What is EEG actually doing?

Electroencephalography – aka EEG – is a way of measuring the electrical energy generated by brain cells. We use a dense-array, 128 sensor system that records scalp voltages on the head. The sensors measure tiny electrical changes and can localize this electrical activity to specific brain structures. This lets us study how people think – how we use our attention, process rewarding and punishing information, and learn. It also helps us determine the neurological effects of things like stroke and prenatal alcohol exposure.


– Please notify us of any cancellations ASAP. We can always reschedule.
– Please avoid hair product and facial makeup to help keep our nets clean.
– Please ask any questions you may have at any time. No question is too small or unimportant.
– Please be on time. We will always try to get you done early, but this is unlikely if you are late.
– Most importantly, remember that you are under no obligation to continue if you feel uncomfortable at any point.
– Lastly, Thank you for participating!!! We appreciate it

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